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2010 Report on Abandonment and Care Leavers

2010  Report on Abandonment and Care Leavers
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Autore: Ai.Bi. - Amici dei Bambini (Autore)
Titolo: 2010 Report on Abandonment and Care Leavers
Tematiche: Educazione e Famiglia
Collane: Amici dei Bambini
Pagine: 348
Anno: 2010
EAN: 9788851407575
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What happens when a young person who has spent part of their life in a residential care structure, leaves the child protection system and starts adult life? What difficulties do they meet with and, above all, how ready are they to face such difficulties? These are the main questions covered by our research project.

The 2010 Ai.Bi. “Report on Abandonment and Care Leavers” is the result of the work of 14 partners from the public, private social and academic sectors in five European countries - Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Italy and France - and is one of the two concrete outputs of the project named Life After Institutional Care which Ai.Bi. has carried out over the last two years to help identify effective social policies for the successful social inclusion of out-of-family youths, jointly financed by the European Commission, General Direction Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

Presented here are the five child protection systems, in their management of young care leavers. The report is structured as a photographic story, using three pictures: one of the care leavers, one of the workers, and one of the regulatory and system structures.

This publication is accompanied also by a work tool, “Guidelines – Life after institutional care”, aimed at operators and field experts in general, which attempts to highlight the critical issues that make the transition to adult life even more difficult, the consequences thereof, and the possible remedies which, if adopted, could increase the chance of social inclusion for young care leavers.


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